Individual Purchasing / Selling Services



With our experienced staff in all technical, legal and financial matters, by protecting the rights of buyers and sellers, in a safe environment suitable for every budget, culture and lifestyle.

We reach the “RIGHT REAL ESTATE” step by step together.

The conformity and financial evaluation of the real estates that you want to buy, sell or rent is made by our “CMB LICENSED EXPERTS” in line with the main criteria and other data mentioned above.

All processes, from the management of the bank lending process and the realization of cash exchange in a reliable environment, to the application and certification of your title deed transfer transactions, are provided by our professional staff.

We invite you to our “MEF GYD” Office to meet with the understanding of professional service and make conscious investments.

Residence, Villa, Building Type Immovables;

  • Location, Goodwill Fee,
  • Number of Rooms, Net Square Meters,
  • Age of the Immovable, Transportation Status,
  • Social Facilities, Outdoor / Indoor Car Parking,
  • Extra renovations, Material Quality

In Land and Field Type Immovables;

  • Zoning,
  • Parcel Size,
  • Location / Boundary Detection,
  • Transportation, Electricity and Water Availability,
  • Examination of the Structures Inside the Parcel

In Commercial Real Estate;

  • Sectoral Analysis,
  • Location, Commercial Potential,
  • Eligibility for Registration,
  • Detection of Pedestrian and Vehicle Mobility,
  • Calculation of Usable Areas inside and outside of the project.
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