Real Eestate Appraisal Services


MEF GYD, which evaluates all kinds of real estate, real estate projects, rights and benefits related to real estate,

With the recent developments in the real estate sector, new demands in the field of valuation,

Meets in the best way with its expert and reliable staff.

In this context; To Banks/Finance Institutions, SSI (Social Security Institution),

To Tax Office Presidencies, Enforcement Directorates, Court Presidencies, Independent Audit Institutions,

Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Construction Firms, Various Domestic / Foreign,

Persons and Institutions, in line with their needs, having the CMB (Capital Markets Board) license,

We provide valuation services impartially and independently with our expert staff.

Within the scope of Real Estate Appraisal Services;

  • Land, Plot, Field, Vineyard, Garden
  • Building, Villa, Mansion
  • Housing and Housing Projects
  • Residence, Timeshare
  • Shop, Office, Business Center
  • Shopping Center, Entertainment Facility
  • Hotel, Private Dormitory, Tourism Facility
  • Workshop, Factory, Production Facility
  • Energy Storage, Fuel – LPG Station, Machine Parks, Port Facilities
  • Historical Artifacts, Examples of Civil Architecture
  • School, Cinema, Theatre, Training Center and Hospital

Appraisal of various real estates as above is carried out independently and impartially by our CMB Licensed team from different professional disciplines.

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