Project Development Consultancy


It covers the consultancy services of our customers in allactions from the land production and development process to the sales and marketing process by ourcorporation.Our team with experience and know ledge in the field of Real Estate Development brings together all the important actors of there alestatesector, including Developers, Investors, Real Estateusers and Land owners.

By using international appraisal methods, firm know ledge and experience, it provides realestate development report service with financial-economic development forecasts by establishing the mathematical model for the most efficientuse and bestprofit in existingorpotential investments.

Our main consultancyservicesare;

✓Real Estate Market Research Reports

✓Feasibility/Pre-Feasibility Reports

✓Supply Demand Analysis

✓Best and Most Efficient Usage Analysis

✓Contract Consulting

✓Tender Process Consultancy

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