Professional Consulting And Webtitle Deed Consulting



Within the scope of our professional consultancy service we provide, first of all; real estate you want to sell, buy or rent; Legal examination on the title deed, determination of whether there is an obstacle to sale, zoning status, building license, occupancy permit, architectural and static project examination, determination of independent section (flat), determination of suitability for bank loan, calculation of capital gain tax.

If necessary, we prepare a detailed appraisal report of the subject real estate by our CMB Licensed Experts. In line with all the evaluations carried out, we provide a truly professional consultancy service by creating a transparent and reliable trade environment between the parties.


Web-Deed; Our citizens will be able to manage their immovables electronically without going to the land registry and cadastre directorates and apply electronically for 46 title deeds (sales, donations, transfers, etc.), 20 cadastral transactions, 2 mapping transactions and 5 Ottoman documents and old registration document transactions. It has been implemented as an electronic system where users can send information and documents required for transactions in a secure electronic environment, verify documents and authorize third parties or real estate agents in these matters.Web-Deed is a system where citizens can manage their immovables on the internet without going to the land registry directorates, and view the title deed registration and location information of the immovables.

The application is also used by these stakeholders by adding many features for the work and transactions of real estate agents and real estate appraisers by realizing the Real Estate Agent Login and Real Estate Appraisers login through the Web-Deed System Institution portal.In this context, since MEFGYD is authorized in both areas, “Real Estate Agent Login and Real Estate Appraisers login “, all your deed transactions are carried out reliably in the web deed system, either directly before you or by authorization.

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