Corporate Project Promotion And Sales Services


As it is known by all the stakeholders of our sector; Real estate marketing process; It is a long and tiring process that starts before production and continues until after the end of the project. Firms establish a marketing unit by incurring heavy costs in this process, or firm officials are directly involved in the marketing process. In both cases, company officials spare the precious time they will spare for the production process for the marketing process, but still the desired performance from the marketing unit cannot be achieved.

For these and similar reasons, companies are in search of solution partners in the marketing of the real estate they produce.The most common problems in the sales process carried out through the solution partner are; The realization of sales that do not comply with the commitments and expectations of the manufacturer, and therefore the damage to the brand image of the manufacturer companies and the loss of trust.

As in all marketing processes, branding, social media and technology use play an important role in the real estate marketing process.

In the marketing process of MEF GYD; provides comprehensive sales services, provided that effective use of social media and all resources of technology are used, and takes the burden of the sales process in accordance with the commitments, principles and expectations of the manufacturers in the sector.

In addition to the marketing process, it promotes and sells all the real estate in our portfolio to foreign individuals and corporations that we consult

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