Machinery, Equipment And Industrial Facility Appraisal


Machinery, equipment, equipment, vehicles, auxiliary tools that make up machine parts vary according to each sector. The professional team of our company, consisting of mechanical and shipbuilding engineers, takes part in the appraisal studies of machinery, ships and equipment and conducts inspections at the facilities in parallel with their expertise.

Ships, which are considered immovable according to our legislation, are also identified and appraised on site. During the appraisal of machinery, equipment and ships, appraisal is conducted by considering the following points.

  • Date of manufacture, origin
  • The brand, the preference of this brand in the sector
  • Origin of the raw material used in its production
  • Whether it is functional and/or outdated
  • Examining periodic maintenance and maintenance costs
  • Service and spare parts supply speed and prices
  • Technological development level, its position in the development ranking in the sector
  • Usability in alternative industries
  • Portability
  • Post-transport assembly and transition to use process

Services we offer in the field of Machine Park, Ship and Equipment Appraisal:

  • Industrial facilities
  • SMEs and their workshops
  • Cement plants
  • Livestock/dairy farms
  • Hospital furnishing and equipment
  • Hotel equipment
  • Equipment of fuel stations
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Appraisal of HEPP – Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Fishing Boats, Dry Cargo, Passenger, Crude Oil, Lng-Lpg and Ro-Ro vessels, Gulets, Motoryachts and tankers and other immovable vessels registered in the ship registry.

We are at your service with sufficient knowledge, professional experience and expert staff for machine park, ship and equipment appraisal.

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